Gabriel Pereira


Hi, my name is Gabriel Pereira. I’m a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark International Postdoc grant. My main research interest is the critical study of data and algorithms.

My PhD thesis focused on how computer vision operates hegemonically, as well as what forms of contestations and refusals are possible. This included researching how specific applications of computer vision (e.g. Automated License Plate Readers) work and what kinds of power structures they enable; as well as creating practice-based interventions that attempt to reimagine what computer vision could be (e.g. Future Movement Future – REJECTED and Recoding Art).

My research methods are interdisciplinary and collaborative, involving both forms of qualitative research (e.g. ethnography) and different forms of practice-based inquiry (e.g. arts-based, interventionist). For this, I draw on STS, critical algorithm/infrastructure studies, platform/software studies, critical technical practice, and other related critical perspectives on technology.

Some other stuff I’ve been doing recently includes: researching on WhatsApp, particularly the role it has been playing in Brazil; organizing around critical and alternative notions of computing; co-editing a special issue on algorithmic antagonism; and writing around dishonest and uncertain algorithmic management.

For more info, have a look at some of my practice-based projects, read some of my writing, check my past and upcoming talks/presentations, or just contact me via e-mail.