Gabriel Pereira


My name is Gabriel Pereira, and I am currently a PhD fellow at Aarhus University (Denmark). My main research interest are critical studies of data and algorithms. My PhD work focuses in understanding how computer vision algorithms mediate our relationship with the world, and what these mediations make possible (or impossible). In my research, so far, I have been drawing on STS, critical algorithm/infrastructure studies, platform/software studies, critical technical practice, and other related critical perspectives on technology.

My research methods are experimental and collaborative, involving both forms of qualitative research (e.g. ethnography) and different forms of practice-based inquiry (e.g. arts-based, interventionist). As part of my PhD work, I have worked to bridge these perspectives in interdisciplinary ways, including: researching specific applications of computer vision and how they construct specific imaginaries; creating artistic interventions that attempt to reimagine what computer vision could be; creating a conceptual framework that better explains the mediation of vision through computers.

Other work I’ve been doing includes: a series of arts-based public interventions and experiments designed to spark reflection about the underlying complexities of everyday digital media usage; APIs as elements of infrastructures that enable and shape the networking of urban data; rhetorical analysis of young people’s experiences of their social media usage; and research on WhatsApp disruptions in Brazil.

A lot of my research projects stem from different collaborations/affiliations. To mention a few:

For more info, have a look at: some of my practice-based projects, read some of my writing, have a look at my talks/presentations, or just contact me via e-mail.