Gabriel Pereira

Algorithmic Antagonisms

1 Feb 2021

Algorithmic Antagonisms: Resistance, Reconfiguration, and Renaissance for Computational Life

Call for Papers for Special Issue – Media International Australia

In August 2020, the UK government’s black-boxed algorithm for deciding students’ grades made headlines. It had allegedly lowered the results of 40% of students, most of which from lower-income schools, thus crushing many …

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How many more have to die before the world condemns Bolsonaro's "So what?" to coronavirus?

10 Jun 2020

I wrote an opinion piece for the Danish newspaper Politiken.
You can read it below (in English), or in Danish on the newspaper’s website.

Most of what I have been researching in my PhD in Information Science at Aarhus University has concerned the critical power of data to shape decision-making and public perception. It is undeniable that those that have the power of collecting and …

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IhacLab-i: Creating A Non-hierarchical Open Space For Sociotechnical Innovation In Salvador, Brazil

2 Feb 2020

As part of our Social IT Solutions workshop in Brazil (2020), we got to know and work at IhacLab-i, an open space of creation and innovation at UFBA (Federal University of Bahia). We wrote a post at the GMTaC blog that talks a bit more about the space, its projects, and the philosophy behind it all. Pedro Torres also interviewed Prof. Paulo Gomes, one of the creators and maintainers of the space. …

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