Gabriel Pereira


Upcoming Presentations/Talks

The banal dimensions of surveillance: A case study on the implementation of Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems in Northern Europe (tentative title). Presentation (w/ Christoph Raetzsch) at the 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) 2020 Conference, Prague (CZ), August 2020. [online due to covid-19]

Invited Talks

Brazilian Workers at Amazon Mechanical Turk, and the Exchanges w/ Turkers intervention. Talk (w/ Bruno Moreschi) at the DiPLab (Digital Platform Labor), Paris (FR), June 2020. [online due to covid-19]

Experiments on datafied and algorithmic memory-making. Talk at the “Digital Memory — (Re)shaping Remembering and Forgetting in the Computer Age” Colloquium, Hamburg (DE), May 2020. [online due to covid-19]

Open and Close — Creating Other Archives. Talk at the Processing Community Day, Aarhus (DK), February 2020.

What can AI teach us about ART? What can ART teach us about AI? Presented (w/ Bruno Moreschi) at the IDFA 2019 DocLab Interactive Conference, Amsterdam (NL), November 2019. [video]

AI+Art: Interventions. Talk at SOMAR, Lisbon (PT), August 2019.

Conference Presentations

Delanguageing algorithmic ways of seeing-understanding. Presented at the Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences event, Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo (BR), February 2020. [video, in PT/BR]

Apple Memories and automated memory-making: Marketing speak, chip-engineering, and the politics of prediction. Presented at Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2019. Extended abstract.

Recoding Art: Van Abbemuseum Collection. Presented (w/ Bruno Moreschi) at the Museum Take Over: Bodies of Knowledge, Van Abbemuseum (NL), May 2019. [video]

HISTORY OF _RT: arts-based data activism dissecting the “official” art history. Presented (w/ Bruno Moreschi) at the Data Justice Conference, Cardiff University (UK), May 2018.

The Seams of Urban Intelligence: APIs as Infrastructures for Developers and Citizens. Presented (w/ Christoph Raetzsch, Lasse Vestergaard & Martin Brynskov) at the Cultures of Participation Conference , Aarhus University (Denmark), April 2018.

Museum of Random Memory: Engaging Communities in Data Literacy through Critical Pedagogy and Social Activism. Presented (w/ Annette Markham) at the Cultures of Participation Conference, Aarhus University (Denmark), April 2018.

Museum of Random Memory as Experimental Research Practice: Data Literacy + Activism. Presented (w/ Sarah Schorr and Annette Markham) at the Philosophy of Higher Education Conference, Aarhus University (Denmark), November 2017.

“Clip, move, adjust”: Video editing as reflexive rhythmanalysis in networked publics. Presented (w/ Mads Rehder and Annette Markham) at Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2017. Extended abstract.