Gabriel Pereira

Algorithmic Sea

The web and physical installation The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea explores the sociotechnical perception of color, especially how it is actualized through computer systems and their algorithms. The sea of colors shown in the installation is composed of a multitude of user generated colors. These colors undulate between the user and computer algorithmic processes.

Through this installation and a digital essay, we do not provide a definite answer to the question of what is the color of water for a human or a computer. Instead, we seek to reflect the inherent qualities of “partial,” “change”, and “bias” through the critical collecting, analyzing, and displaying of a sea of colors. This installation invites you and the algorithm to see color as a flow, as opposed to a fixed variable.

More details on the Algorithmic Sea website.

This project has received support from the Danish Art Fund, A.P. Møller Fonden, Aarhus Kommune Kultur og Borgerservice, Augustinus Fonden, and William Demant Fonden.

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