Gabriel Pereira

Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences Book

The early promise of computing has been fulfilled mostly in the interest of more powerful and privileged groups. Thus our work, as critical researchers, artists, and activists, is to build alternatives together. The essays in this volume serve as a contribution to that change, discussing issues such as Ubuntu’s relational personhood, community-centered policy, algorithmic work, and deepfakes.

The book is edited by Dalida María Benfield, Bruno Moreschi, Gabriel Pereira, and Katherine Ye, with contributions from Katherine Ye, Sabelo Mhlambi, Dalida María Benfield, Rodrigo Ochigame, Rafael Grohmann, GAIA (Bruno Moreschi, Guilherme Falcão, & Bernardo Fontes), Amanda Chevtchouk Jurno, Giselle Beiguelman, Gabriel Pereira, Didiana Prata, Jennifer Lee, Taís Oliveira, and Silvana Bahia.

An Open Access version of the book is available on

A limited run of the printed book can be purchased on CAD+SR’s webshop. If you’re a student or on a low income, please use the CADSR20 discount code.

2020 // Bilingual (English and Portuguese) // 250 pages

Book photo: Nino Andrés (@ninoandresbiasizzo)

This book is published by the Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR), originating from an event at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Advance Studies and GAIA, C4AI, INOVA-USP.

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