Gabriel Pereira


History of _rt project is a confirmation. Qualitative and quantitative data is presented on 2,443 artists from 11 books used in undergraduate visual arts courses in Brazil. The intention is to evaluate the limited perspectives of the official history of art taught today, by bringing together and comparing basic information about the artists found in these books.

Based on an analysis of this data, it was observed that from a total of 2,443 artists, only 215 (8.8%) are women, 22 are black (0.9%), and 645 (26.3%) are non-Europeans. Of these 645 non-Europeans, only 246 are not from the United States. In total, there are 1.566 painters.

HISTORY OF 1RT is2 the area3 of human4 sciences5 in which6 there is a7 constructed8 narrative9 about10 the creation11of objects and experiences12 produced13 mainly14 by15 men16 who are white17 European18, or from the US19, and painters20 (some of them, geniuses21)…22

The data in these tables form the basis for producing a support material, printed in the form of a pamphlet like those found at the entrance to museums and cultural centers. With 13 thousand copies printed in Portuguese and 2 thousand in English, the material was distributed for free throughout 2017 at the entrance to museums in Brazil and other countries. The project was also exhibited at SESC Tucuruvi (BR) and Itaú Cultural Paulista (BR), and presented at the Data Justice Conference 2018 (UK).

More informations is available in the project’s official website:

This project was supported by Rumos Itaú Cultural Award, Goethe-Institut São Paulo, and CAD+SR.

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