Gabriel Pereira

Images to live with

The emergence of contemporary computer vision coincides with the growth and dissemination of large-scale image data sets. The grandeur of such image collections has raised fascination and concern. This project critically interrogates the assumption of scale in computer vision by asking: What can be gained by scaling down and living with images from large-scale data sets?

Our practice-based methodology involved an ongoing exchange of individual images from data sets with selected participants. To support the dissemination of this practice and the critical development of algorithms, we have produced a teaching plan and a tool for classroom use.

- The article explaining our practice is forthcoming on Photographies.

- The teaching plan can be download as a separate PDF.

- The tool to create PDFs with data set images for printing is available here, and the code is open sourced on Github.

The “Images to live with” project was developed with the artist and researcher Bruno Moreschi.

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