Gabriel Pereira

Museum of Random Memory

The Museum of Random Memory (MoRM) is an ongoing series of performative arts-based public interventions designed to spark deep reflection about the underlying complexities of everyday digital media usage. We explore such questions as: How ­is memory-making influenced by platforms like Google, Facebook, or basic photo management software on our computers or smartphones sort and organize our images? How do companies track us and create memories on our behalf?

So far, we have done 8 interventions, exhibitions and workshops at places such as: Counterplay Festival (Denmark, 2016-2017); Aarhus Festival of Research (Denmark, 2017); Design Museum of Barcelona (Spain, 2017); Data Justice Conference (Wales and Ireland, 2018); Godsbanen (Denmark, 2018), and Association of Internet Researchers (Canada, 2018).

For complete information on the project, see the page on Future Making Research Consortium.

Recent blog posts include: “Speculating with predictive memory-making: The (Black) Box of Memories” and “The Un-archivable and the Sound of Forgetting”.

This project is part of Future Making Research Consortium and CAD+SR.

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