Gabriel Pereira

Are scams a core feature of the platform economy?

Drawing on our newly published article, Abel Guerra and I wrote a blog post for Media@LSE. In it, we argue that scams are a core feature of the platform economy, just as much as algorithms and data, and that “platform scams” should be defined as the dishonesties and uncertainties behind platforms’ algorithmic management.

Read the blog post on Media@LSE.

The full article is available as: Grohmann, R., Pereira, G., Guerra, A., Abílio, L.C., Moreschi, B., & Jurno, A. (2022). Platform scams: Brazilian workers’ experiences of dishonest and uncertain algorithmic management. New Media & Society (Special Issue on scams, fakes, and frauds). doi:10.1177/14614448221099225. An open access version of the article is available open access on:

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